Mohegan Sun Casino

We would like to stay in Connecticut for a while longer before we head south for the winter, but with uncooperative Walmarts and closed campgrounds it’s increasingly difficult.  There are very few year-round campgrounds, but they cost $40 to $60 per night.  That’s just too much!  We only need a place to park, not looking for a resort experience.

Up until now we had kinda forgotten about Casinos!  Well, actually, there are almost none in the New England area.  Today we made our way northeast to Mohegan Sun Casino.  Wow!  This place is huge!  And beautiful!  It makes Mystic Lake Casino back in Minnesota look like child’s play.

We are allowed to park here free for a week with an option for an additional week if we want. There are only about 15 other RVs in this ‘oversized vehicle’ parking lot on this Monday night, but room for maybe 50+.  A separate parking lot just for tour busses has only 30 busses parked in it at the moment.  Business is slow.

Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture in One of the Lobbys

When we signed up for the Player’s Card in the casino they saw it was my birthday and gave me free stuff… I got a dozen Kirspy Kreme donuts, a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Cone, and a milkshake from Johnny Rockets, along with an assortment of buy-one-get-one deals at several of the restaurants and shops here.  AND…it was 2-for-1 Buffet today. AND, we each got $10 in slot play.  Score! 🙂

Celebrity Chef  Bobby Flay Restaurant

This place even has its own gas station, but we won’t be buying gas here, it’s $4.91 per gallon.

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