Wicked Good

We’re still in the Mohegan Sun Casino RV parking lot.  It’s been a very pleasant stay but we’ve been here a week now and it’s time to move on.  We’ll think about that tomorrow.

Today we went for a walk inside the casino.  The casino has incentives for people to be here on Mondays.  It’s 2 for 1 at the buffet again, so we took advantage of that.  Also, they have a free gift for the first 2,500 guests, so we got that too.  This week’s gift was a nice collapsible two-compartment bag (box?) to put in the car to keep loose stuff from rolling around.  We can use that.

I overheard someone say something was “wicked good” today.  I have seen several signs and products using “wicked good” or “wicked hot” or other adjectives.  This is apparently a New England regional expression.  According to Urban Dictionary on the internet “If you’re from Iowa (or anywhere that isn’t New England) and you use this word, you sound like a dumb ass.”

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