The White House

Hey…there’s a Kiss & Ride at the train station.

Kiss and Ride!

Even so, we drove ourselves to DC.  Parking isn’t a problem on the weekends if you get there early.

One of the first things we did was walk to The White House.  No sign of the president, but we could easily see the armed guard patrolling the roof.

The White House

Across the street from The White House you will find the Zero Milestone.  This was put up early 1900’s to mark the beginning point for all road distances in the US but in reality only roads in the Washington, D.C. area have distances measured from it.


Right behind where I was standing to take that picture is the White House Christmas Tree and the Washington Monument.

The White House Christmas Tree

This scrolling sign says how much tax money DC residents pay every year, Taxation Without Representation, and that they should become a state.

Taxation Without Representation

We were walking past the Old Post Office building and decided to go inside.  There is a food court and shops in there.

Old Post Office

By the Dept of Commerce Building there are statues of muscly men wrestling horses.  The men represent the government and the horses represent unregulated business.

Dept of Commerce Building

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