Sightseeing Tour

We took the subway train to Washington DC again today.  Then we decided to take the Old Town Trolley sightseeing tour.   This was a repeat of what we did last year when we were here, but it’s such an informative tour we wanted to do it again.  One of the first sights was the Union Station. It’s one of the biggest train stations in the country and pretty cool inside.  There are several shops and a very large food court there where we ate our lunch today.

Union Station

The tour took us past the Supreme Court building.  This is currently undergoing a face lift so the front was covered with scaffolding and a big shroud.  They printed a picture of the building on the plastic sheeting so we could kinda see what it looks like.

Supreme Court Building Image

Next to the Supreme Court Building is the Library of Congress.  This is on our bucket list of buildings to tour.  So much to see…..

Library of Congress Building

We stopped to visit Ford’s Theatre, where President Lincoln was shot.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, the theatre itself was closed to the public because there was a rehearsal going on for a production in process.  We’ll try to get back there to see it tomorrow.  There is a wonderful museum next door and across the street with tons of information about Lincoln’s life and death.  It’s all free too.

Ford’s Theatre

There were several artifacts, including the actual gun that John Wilkes Booth used to shoot Lincoln.

The Gun Used to Shoot Lincoln

A really cool thing in the Lincoln Museum was this three-story tall tower of books about Lincoln.

Tower of Lincoln Books

The tour did take us around all the monuments and memorials.  We did not get out to see them today, we were running out of time and we did see them all last year.  Before we got on the train to return home we took a stroll down China Town.

China Town


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