Atchafalaya Basin

Leaving Hammond, LA, this morning we headed west, driving only 180 miles.  Part of that drive took us over the Basin Bridge, which is the 14th longest bridge in the world at 18.2 miles in length.  It spans the Atchafalaya Basin which is the largest swamp in the country.

There is a very nice rest area/visitor center/nature center on the west end that we stopped at.


Under the Bridge to the Visitor Center

The nature center plays a very nice 4 minute educational video.  We sat in the dark while the video played.  Funny how our shoes glowed.


Glowing Feet

Outside of the visitor center is a nicely landscaped picnic area with several sculptures.  We have not seen a real live alligator yet this year.


At the Atchafalaya Basin Visitor Center

We turned north to go up I-49, stopping for the day at Alexandria, Louisiana.

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