Relatives and Food

24 degrees this morning!  Frost on everything.  This isn’t what we are looking for!!  Where are the warm sunny days?  I guess it is better than at home in Minnesota where they are blanked in a foot of snow so I’ll not complain.


Frosty Jeep

Cheri  made an awesome breakfast for us at her house this morning and we said goodbye for now to her and Phil before returning to the RV park to check out and continue our journey.


Cheri & Phil

Moving up 100 miles on I-10 from Benson through Tucson to Casa Grande, Arizona, we are now in Las Colinas RV Park where snowbird cousin Susan and Wally from Minnesota live for the winter.


Las Colinas RV Park, #3

Our Jeep has been making a lot of noise lately, so Bernie and Wally put their heads together to get to the bottom of it.  They’re thinking it may be the tires as they are wearing unevenly, so they rotated them.  Hopefully that will fix it.


Bernie and Wally Rotating the Tires on the Jeep

That done, and a good visit later, we all went out for dinner.


Wally and Susan

Our gas expense for today: $0   Lodging: $64 (for two nights)

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