In addition to all the lettuce and other vegetables growing around the Yuma countryside dates are another big crop.  The Imperial Date Gardens is one of the largest distributers of the Medjool date in this country.  They also ship internationally.  Today they were offering a free tour of the facilities so we went to see.


Imperial Date Gardens


Our Tour Guide Explaining The Field

Our guide explained how the dates are grown and how they’re picked.

Then we moved over into processing building.  The picking season is over so the workers are gone, but our guide was very good at explaining the process.  They do not do tours when the workers are there.  Then we sampled.


The Date Sorting Room

Our travel expenses for today:  NONE

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2 Responses to Dates

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  2. I was impressed with the huge machines in the fields of the Imperial Valley…gathering, packing and shipping from one place.


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