Lake Mead

Government Wash is a free dispersed camping area on the north shoreline of Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Las Vegas, Nevada.  It will be our home for the next day or two.  What a fantastic front window view!  And did I say free?  It’s a rough area, just desert gravel and rocks and a few shrubs but the view and the price are worth it.  There are bathrooms available (if they are open, I didn’t look), as well as trash dumpsters and a large paved parking lot near a boat ramp which is closed because of the low water level.  No camping is allowed on the paved lot.


Government Wash

There are a handful of other campers here with us tonight as well as a few people sleeping in their cars.

We drove to Boulder City, about 20 miles from here, to find Norm and Carolyn, relatives who are vacationing in the area. We’ll see more of them tomorrow.

  • Gasoline Expense: $61.47 at $3.74 per gallon
  • Camping Expense: none
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