Scaddan Wash

I always said I didn’t want to re-trace our steps and repeat places we’ve been, but here we go again.  We moved across town to Scaddan Wash, one of the free dispersed camping areas provided by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) where we were in January during the big RV show.  It just works out for us.

Scaddan Wash, Quartzsite BLM

Scaddan Wash, Quartzsite BLM

Things have changed dramatically since we were here in January.  There is just a handful of RV’s out here with us this time, nowhere near the big numbers here before.  And the big tent where the RV show was is gone as well as all the RV’s that were for sale there.  There are still a few swap meet vendors here, although we see signs stating they will be closing soon too.

Where there had been bumper to bumper cars and parking was a challenge is now empty space.

Tyson Wells Swap Meet

Tyson Wells Swap Meet

The high today was a bright sunny 78F.  I have acorn squash in the solar cooker tonight, it should be done soon.

  • Gasoline Expense:  $150.00  @  $3.79/gallon
  • Camping Expense:  none
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