Moving North

Our time in Mesa was spent visiting with the relatives and helping my step-mother, Shirley, get ready to move back to Minnesota.  Her home here has been sold and we will be transporting some of her things for her. She left Monday morning.

Closed Up

Closed Up

High temperatures predicted for tomorrow through Sunday for Phoenix/Mesa are in the 90+’s, too hot for us!  So we have moved north a little and a bit higher elevation.  Tonight we are in Black Canyon City, Arizona, about 70 miles north of Mesa.  The high temp forecast here Thursday and Friday here is only 81F.  We may need to go higher yet.

Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City has a large parking lot where RV’s can park.  We will be spending the night here.  Right now there is one other RV in the lot with us.  They have a Ford Bronco that is set up for off-road use.  They said there is going to be a big Bronco Off-Road Rally here in this parking lot this weekend and they arrived early for it.  There are 100 people registered for the event.  A few more have arrived since we got here.

There we are in the center of the picture, in that parking lot below.

There we are in the center of the picture, in that parking lot below.

High Desert Park at the top of a hill just north of us has a beautiful Nature Loop. It was a beautiful desert walk with great scenic views.  As we walked along it got more narrow and more rugged.  The trail was longer than we thought it was and the sun was beating on us so we were happy when we completed the loop and got back to the car.

Rock Springs Cafe is famous for its Pies, so of course we just had to see for ourselves.  Bernie had The Official Arizona Centennial Pie – triple berry crumb, and I had the Jack Daniels Pecan pie.  Yes, Jack Daniels!  Why didn’t I think of that?  It was awesome.

  • Gasoline Expense:  $163.77  @  $3.74  and  $3.89
  • Camping Expense:  none
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