Grand Canyon National Park

Frost met us this morning.  We’re somewhere around 7,000′ elevation so it’s way cooler than it is back in Phoenix.  The high today was 66F, not like the 95F happening in Phoenix. I do prefer this.


Frosty Morning in the Forest

After breakfast we drove north to the Grand Canyon National Park.  As a rule, we don’t like to be tied down by reservations, so we knew we were taking a chance by just driving up there cold.  As it worked out we’re staying at an RV park there called Trailer Village.  The rate is about $37 per night and includes full hookups.

Trailer Village, A3

Trailer Village, A3

Driving your car here is really not necessary.  Free busses every 15 minutes shuttle everyone around to all the view points and the visitor center and other places.  The bus stops about 300 feet from our spot so as soon as we got all hooked up we got on the bus and went to visit the west side of the South Rim.  Tomorrow we’ll visit the east side.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Even though I’ve been here before, the first view took my breath away.  It’s just so beautiful.

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Camping Expense:  $37
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