Pinal County Fair

Susan and Wally and Bernie and I went to the Pinal County Fair in Casa Grande today.  It’s a nice little fair and we had a good time walking around and seeing it.

Pinal County Fair

Pinal County Fair

One of the first things we saw was the Ugly Cake Contest cakes.  My favorite was the Roadkill Cake.

Road Kill Cake

Road Kill Cake

Pinal County Fair

Pinal County Fair


Boys in Bubbles

The Petting Zoo allowed people inside with the animals.


Petting Zoo

There are lots of goats at this fair.  We watched as some of them were run through an obstacle course. So funny!


Goat Obstacle Course

This was a lot like the county fairs in Minnesota with a few exceptions, one was that there was not one deep-fried cheese curd to be found in any of the food stands.  They don’t know what they are missing.

  • Gasoline Expense: none
  • Camping Expense: $35
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