In Yukon Territory

The further north we go the less traffic we see and the higher the prices of everything goes.  300+ miles driven today.  We just paid $1.569 per liter of gas.  With the exchange rate around $.95 it works out to approximately US$6.30 per gallon.  And we only get about 7+ miles per gallon!

The Alaska Highway is so very remote, we drive and drive and don’t see any signs of civilization, not even a telephone pole.  And the drive is the most beautiful drive we have ever driven.  There are so many mountains, rivers and streams, lakes and panoramic views to take your breath away.  The camera tries to capture it but still does not do it justice.

We are in Watson Lake now, in YUKON, in the only RV park in town, paying $39.90 for a spot in a crowded gravel parking lot.  We do have full hook-ups and free wi-fi that barely works as it is shared by the other 80 rigs that are here.  So I am up at 5am to get this blog done, which is ok because it’s daylight and I can’t sleep anyway.

We certainly have seen more wildlife than human.  There are buffalo here, and Stone Sheep which are much like Big Horn Sheep only smaller and with little horns, and we have seen 5 black bear.  We looked for caribou but have not seen any yet.


The Alaska Highway

I am unable to upload any more pictures for you today, the wi-fi just cannot handle it now.  I’m lucky I got done what I did.

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  1. harrison says:

    This post truly peaked my personal interest.


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