Mount McKinley

Sunshine!  The clouds finally parted this morning and the sun came out.  This was our last chance to see Mount McKinley before we go to Anchorage.  So we made the 20 mile drive back north from Trapper Creek to the Denali Viewpoint South to get a good look.

Mount McKinley from Denali Viewpoint South

Mount McKinley from Denali Viewpoint South

This zoomed-in picture shows the limitations of my iPhone camera.  It’s still a good shot but it does not give the detail that we saw.  But at least we saw it!

Driving south again on the Parks Highway we came only as far as Wasilla and will spend the night in the Walmart parking lot here.  There are about a dozen RVers here at this time.

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1 Response to Mount McKinley

  1. Pete says:

    Consider yourselves blessed for many who visit here never get to see the ‘great one’ in her full glory. Even with the iPhone a great picture!


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