Anchorage Market & Festival

Every Saturday and Sunday all summer long in downtown Anchorage is Alaska’s largest event, the Market & Festival.  There are around 300 vendors, live entertainment, Alaskan-made arts, crafts, foods and lots more.  Free Admission.

Alaska  Marketplace

Alaska Marketplace

If only I had tons of money, lots of storage space in our RV, and an ability to eat without limits.  The food vendors were serving haddock, salmon, and reindeer food selections that all sounded so good, not to mention the candy, and the birch syrup items…mmmm. (But no deep-fried cheese curds, I miss those.)

Food Vendors

Food Vendors

This Human Juke Box grabbed my attention.  What is this?  As I was taking the picture the front panel dropped down and a man with fake Willie Nelson braids was inside.  He was watching through his one-way mirror and saw me.

Human Juke Box

Human Juke Box

He was so funny.  Put a dollar in the slot, select the song you want to hear from the list 1-20.  But 1-10 were all the same and 11-20 were all the same.  He closed up the panel, someone from the crowd that had gathered slipped a dollar in the slot and I asked him to play #6.  The panel dropped down again and he played his guitar.   He had a Sharpie marker and said everyone could write on the outside of his box.  I wrote our names and “Minnesota” on it.  So now we have left our mark in Alaska.

Human Juke Box

Human Juke Box

My favorite stand was “Alaska Pissin’ off Texas”  T-shirts saying things like “Divide Texas in Half and Make Texas the Third Largest State.”

Alaska Pissin off Texas

Alaska Pissin off Texas


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