Valdez in the Rain

It’s rained cats and dogs today.

The locals have told us that if we want to see bear we need to drive down by the fish hatchery on Dayville Road.  There are a lot of salmon trying to make their way up stream to spawn and the bears are after them there.   But we’ve been out there five times already and all we have seen is a lot of dead fish, no bear.  We’ll just have to endure the beautiful scenery.


Raining Near Dayville Road

Raining on Dayville Road

Raining on Dayville Road

It’s a good day for indoor things.  The Valdez Museum has some very good exhibits on the history of the town as well as much about the 1964 earthquake, the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and the building of the Alaskan Highway.

Valdez Museum

Valdez Museum

The price of admission to the Valdez Museum includes admission to the Remembering Old Valdez Exhibit which is just down the street a few blocks.

After the 1964 earthquake, which devastated the community, the original town of Valdez was found to have been built on unstable ground and was condemned.   A new town site was located about four miles west.  Around 50 of the surviving buildings from Old Valdez were moved to the new location.  The museum exhibit includes a replica of all of Old Valdez.

Old Valdez Recreated

Old Valdez Recreated

Then one more unsuccessful drive down Dayville Road to look for bear.

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