Wall Drug

I think the Sun Gods are angry with me for some reason.  Most of my pictures for the last month have been dark due to lack of sunshine.  Either it’s raining or just gloomy cloudy all day every day.  Today was more of the same.

We stopped at Wall, South Dakota, for a rest stop at the world famous Wall Drug.  Since it’s beginning in 1931 signs for Wall Drug could be found in cities all over the world as free signs were given out to it’s customers.  They still hand out free signs. It grew from being a struggling tiny pharmacy in a sleepy little town way out in the middle of South Dakota’s vast grasslands in 1931 to a regular tourist destination…all because one day they put out a sign offering free ice water to travelers and it began drawing in customers.  Now hundreds of signs line the freeway all over the country.

Wall Drug

Wall Drug

Among the many oddities found here is a giant animated T-Rex that roars at you every 14 minutes.

Wall Drug

Wall Drug 

And the giant jack-a-lope.  I didn’t want a picture of me sitting on it and neither did Bernie.



We’re now in Chamberlain, South Dakota, for the night.  The parking lot at Al’s Oasis has a few large animals.  Here’s Bernie petting the bison.


Bernie and the Bison

We will be in Minnesota tomorrow!

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