North Carolina

It was a cold night, not enough to leave any frost in the morning, but enough to make us want to get further south.

Gas prices are going down. We got our first glimpse of $2.99/gallon today while passing through Virginia. But once we entered North Carolina the prices moved back up to between $3.17 – $3.39.



This was not a very eventful day to be blogging about.  We only drove 175 miles, and will be spending tonight in another Walmart.  Now we are seeing more and more snowbirds heading towards Florida.  We see them on the road, at rest stops, and tonight there are six of us here waiting to move on in the morning.


Walmart Snowbirds

And we were blessed with a nice colorful sunset over.. um.. Walmart.


Sunset over Walmart

  • Gasoline Expense:  $105 @ $2.99
  • Lodging Expense:  none


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