Crooked River

Still in Georgia, our next move was to Crooked River State Park.  This is a very beautiful campground, lots of tall pine trees, huge level campsites, with all the hookups we need. They were in the process of adding cable TV too.  But no sooner had we set up then it began to rain. Not a hard rain, just a light never-ending sprinkle.

Crooked River State Park

Crooked River State Park, #

Since the rain was so light and we were getting cabin fever we went out for a walk to see the park, rain or not.  Right behind our campsite is the Crooked River.  Signs and a fence warn us to keep back from the steep cliff.  No beach.


Crooked River, Georgia

Our walk took us around the campground to the access road, so we walked along the road the rest of the way home.  The fall colors here are green and more green.


Pine Trees and Palmettos

The weather forecast is for more rain Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri……

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $22.40
  • Park Pass:                $5.00

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