Along side the St.Augustine Flea Market is BerryStacks Hydroponic U-Pick Farm.  We had stopped in there yesterday but it was too hot and humid and we decided to stop in today instead.  But then today the weather is cold and windy.  Can’t win.  But we were on a mission to get some of those strawberries so we pulled on our stocking caps and coats and each grabbed a basket and began hunting for the good ones.

The owner talked with us for a while and was saying the berries were not at their best right now because of the recent heat and humidity.  And he gave us a bad time for bringing all this cold weather down from Minnesota!  For sure it was a challenge to find good berries but we made our way up and down the aisles and managed to get enough to satisfy our craving.  And how nice it was to pick strawberries while standing up!

BerryStacks Hydroponic U-Pick Farm

BerryStacks Hydroponic U-Pick Farm



Delicious!  So fresh, sweet, and full of that wonderful strawberry flavor.  They were a little more expensive than grocery store berries, but worth every penny.

The weather is nuts.  Yesterday was sunny and warm and we ran the air conditioner in the RV and when we were in the car, but today is cold and windy and we’re wearing hats and coats and running the heaters.  It may rain tomorrow.

We extended our stay here at St. Johns RV Park until Saturday morning.   The weather may get rainy or stormy so if there’s no daily blog from me that will be why.

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:  $20
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