Torreya State Park, FL

Check-in time is 3:00 at Torreya State Park campground, but we arrived way before that. State prisoners were hard at work raking and making the place look spiffy. The campground was empty except for one other RV and that was the Campground Host and the office would not open until 3:00.  We selected a good space, set up camp, and waited for the office to open.

Prisoners Working

Prisoners Working


Torreya State Park, #20

At one edge of the campground is a small observation deck.  Florida is mostly flat but Torreya has some high bluffs that overlook the Apalachicola River that make it one of the state’s most scenic places.  It was foggy this morning, then remained cloudy with occasional bits of rain.


Overlooking the Apalachicola River

This campground has one YURT (Year-round Universal Recreational Tent).  As we were nosing around the YURT a park ranger stopped by to check on it and he unlocked the door and let us check it out.  It looked very comfortable, double layer insulated canvas walls, an air conditioner, ceiling fan, wood floor and furniture.


YURT (Year-round Universal Recreational Tent)


Inside the YURT

We found a short hiking trail and decided to walk it while it was still daylight.  It was so quiet, no other people around, the only wildlife we saw was a few birds and squirrels. No mosquitoes.


Weeping Ridge Trail

At the end of the .29 mile trail is a very small waterfall (weeping ridge) where the trail ended.  A sign mentioned that water falls here during the rainy season, and there was a small trickle of water when we saw it.


Weeping Ridge

By the time we got home we were pretty uncomfortable.  The high today was only 76F but the dew point was 67. The walk got us pretty sweaty. Time to turn on the air conditioner!  Crazy, since we have been running the heater every night.

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $17
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