African Queen and Rain

We knew rain was on the way so we set out early to explore while we could.  About a mile from our campground is the original African Queen, the 1951 movie boat used by Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in “The African Queen”.  The boat is 100 years old. Cruises are available on request with a reservation.

The African Queen

The African Queen

As we were looking at the boat it did begin to rain.  So in the car we go for a drive-about. There are not a lot of roads to drive on, mostly US Hwy 1 and a few residential streets is all you will find here. Traffic is busy and at times difficult to find an opening to get onto the highway.

We are not seeing high-rise condos or big box stores here.  And the souvenir and gift shops look really interesting. There are restaurants everywhere. In front of The Rain Barrel, an artist shop, is a local icon, a really big lobster.  Other than that it’s like driving through some small towns.

Big Lobster

Big Lobster

The rain showed no signs of letting up.  After about 40 miles we turned around and went home.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for sight-seeing.

Florida Keys

Florida Keys

But before we returned to the campground we stopped for lunch at one of the many restaurants here.  Being as we are land-locked Minnesotans we had to try the local flavor. We were feeling adventurous so I ordered Alligator Bites and Bernie ordered Fried Conch (you know that large seashell you hold up to your ear and listen for the ocean).  The alligator was good (tastes like chicken), but neither of us cared for the Conch. Of course, no visit to The Keys is complete without a piece of Key Lime Pie, which was excellent!

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $65
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