Waiting in Chiefland

We’ve been wanting to get back to the Florida Panhandle but there’s some nasty winter weather happening up there so we’ve been just hanging out waiting for that weather to clear first. We are at Chiefland RV Park in Chiefland, FL, and will be here for four nights. Hopefully, by that time we can go North again.


Chiefland RV Park, #55

The weather here isn’t so great either, but at least it’s not freezing.  The high today was around 60 degrees.  About a month ago when we were through this area on our way south we stopped at Manatee Springs State park. We’re only about 5 miles from there now so we went to see it again. It had been raining a little so it was wet, there were hardly any other people around, and steam was rising from the river. We had hoped to see some manatee but there were none to be seen today.


Suwanee River at Manatee Springs State Park

The boardwalk was wet from the rain, but we didn’t let that stop us from having a walk through the cypress swamp. We weren’t there more than 30 minutes when it began to rain so we returned to the RV and spent the rest of the day at home.


Manatee Springs State Park

It’s supposed to be 42 with rain overnight tonight, tomorrow will be colder.

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $15.50  (Passport America discount)
  • Admission Fee:        $6

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