Mohegan Sun Casino

We’re still kickin’.  I did say this is an “almost” daily diary.

Last weekend was spent visiting our daughter, Teresa, in New Haven, Connecticut. Almost all RV parks in CT are not yet open for the season. But we were lucky to find RV parking in a RV area of Totoket Valley Mobile Home & RV Park in nearby North Branford, CT. This placed us only about 6 miles from Teresa’s house.

Totoket RV Park

Totoket Valley RV Park

After spending the weekend in New Haven, we have moved on up to Mohegan Sun Casino, CT, where we can park the RV for free for up to two weeks if we need to. Hopefully, we won’t be here that long. Our next destination is to visit our son and his wife in Concord, New Hampshire. However RV parks and campgrounds are not yet open for the season up there either. The further north we go the harder it is to find open RV Parks this early; funny how that works. Hopefully, after a few phone calls, we can locate a place to park. We have a few ideas.

Mohegan Sun Casino, CT

Mohegan Sun Casino, CT

The weather has been ok, but today is quite windy and cold. We even had a few moments of hail this morning, but was no big deal.

We did go exploring into nearby Norwich, CT.


Downtown Norwich, CT


Norwich City Hall, 1870

  • Gasoline Expense:  $100 @ $3.79
  • Lodging Expense:    Free if you don’t count gambling losses
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