Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

We left the Mount Rushmore area and headed west on Interstate 90. The winds picked up and were making driving difficult so we stopped at a Walmart in Spearfish, South Dakota. We would have liked to stay the night but they have a city ordinance preventing RV’s from parking anywhere other than in an RV park. We sat in the parking lot for a few hours waiting for the winds to let up. It was getting late and time to decide where we will stay so we went back on the highway and drove to an RV park in Sundance, Wyoming.



The winds finally stopped as soon as we got parked in our new location at Mountain View RV Park.

Mountain View RV Park, Sundance, Wyoming, #45

Mountain View RV Park, Sundance, Wyoming, #45

Devil’s Tower National Monument is just 28 miles from where we are and we drove out to see it and take another picture. We were here last year, camped in a campground at the base of it, hiked the trails, and all that. You can see last year’s post HERE.

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

  • Gasoline:  $150 @ $3.39
  • Lodging:   $18 (Passport America membership rate)
  • Admission: Devil’s Tower, free with National Senior Pass
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2 Responses to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

  1. Audrey Perry says:

    Thanks for the tip on where you stayed, we just booked to stay tomorrow night!


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