And Into Washington

40 miles is all we drove today, out of the Idaho panhandle and into the state of Washington. As we started west on I-90 the wind picked up and knocked us around a little. This high-profile vehicle can’t handle wind gusts very well. And, since we never make reservations, we are not obligated to be anywhere tonight so when I checked my Internet resources and learned there was an RV friendly casino near by we went for it.


Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Northern Quest Resort & Casino is just off the Interstate on the west side of Spokane, Washington. There is a large paved parking lot on the south side with designated RV parking. It’s free, that’s the best part. Well, free if you don’t count what you pay for eating in the restaurants and feeding the slot machines! Similar to Walmart overnighting…free if you don’t count what you spend in the store.

In the Far Back

In the Far Back

Oh yes, and we are in the Pacific Time Zone now, we do everything two hours later than what we did in Minnesota.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free


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