End the Long Drive

175 miles driven today.  And 1,700 miles and about $1,060 in gas money since our start in Minnesota. We will slow down from here on.

Making reservations at an RV park is something we seldom do because we don’t like be obligated to be anywhere at a certain time. But since we are entering the part of Washington that could be in high demand we made reservations and made a $30 deposit. And wouldn’t you know it, when we woke this morning there was a very thick fog and there was no way we were driving in it.

Thankfully, after a few hours the fog began to lift so we set out to continue our trip west. The fog turned into rain. We were driving through some mountain passes in the rain. While very beautiful, it was intense driving with this big rig on wet roads in unfamiliar territory. We were tired by the time we finished.

Washington State

Washington State

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

We are at Eagle Tree RV Park near Poulsbo, Washington, which is very near Seattle. We have paid for three nights, with a possibility of staying longer. This is a nice, very well-groomed park with level pull-thru spots for rigs like ours. The spaces are uncomfortably close together but it will do for three days, we don’t plan to be lounging around the campsite anyway. There are some really nice spots back in the trees for smaller units.


Eagle Tree RV Park, Poulsbo, WA, #80

We’ll go exploring tomorrow.

  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $3.87/gallon (That’s right, $3.87)
  • Gasoline:  $101  @ $3.49/gallon
  • Lodging:   $30 (with a 15% Escapees membership discount)
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2 Responses to End the Long Drive

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know you would have to go back east, but check out the town of Leavenworth if you get a chance. A beautiful Bavarian town, just like being in the alps. Wally and I want to go back someday. Have fun, we share breakfast with you every morning, just reading your blog.


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