South Beach State Park, OR

It rained all night. Not hard, just a long steady light rain. The air remained damp the rest of the day as it has been the last couple of weeks. It makes everything look foggy all the time.

Continuing south on the Pacific Coast Highway 101…only 30 miles. We didn’t always have sight of the ocean, but when we do its beauty is a real treat. We did stop at one wayside overlook and watched this lone surfer ride the waves.

Surf's Up

Surf’s Up

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

There was nobody at the check-in office when we arrived at South Beach State Park early afternoon. Signs directed us to take a map and a pay envelope and go find a spot, put the money in the envelope and return to deposit it in the slot there. Half of the 227 sites are shut down for the season and the remaining sites are not quite half taken, so finding a good spot was easy. They are all good spots, all nicely paved and level. After spending the last several days in Walmart and casino parking lots this is a treat. And it’s only $24 per night, which includes water and electricity.

South Beach State Park, OR   #C30

South Beach State Park, OR #D20

After getting set up and returning the pay envelope we walked down to the big sandy beach. A few other people were walking the beach, but mostly we were alone. We can imagine what a hot spot this is in the summer. It’s been cloudy all day but we could see more and darker clouds rolling in.

South Beach State Park

South Beach State Park

We returned home just as it was beginning to sprinkle. And now it’s raining pretty good.

  • Gasoline:  $99 @ $3.69
  • Lodging:   $24
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2 Responses to South Beach State Park, OR

  1. We are enjoying your blog. By next August 1st (or before) we will be headed out to full-time travel ourselves. Being able to see what others are spending on their travels is very helpful. We had progressed up to a 40-foot motorhome years ago, and then down-sized considerably. We will be starting out much smaller, at least until we get back to the southwest again, where we might find something that suits us better. You can see what we are doing at, which is different from the signature link here. Safe travels to you.


    • marsbern says:

      Awesome! We have learned that bigger is not necessarily better. Now if only we could figure out how to live in a big rig but drive a small one! I will check out your blog, thanks for reading mine. Happy trails to you.

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