Streets of Scarecrows

It rained all night and it rained all day yesterday and we didn’t leave the RV at all.

No rain this morning.  Ready for an actual RV Park we checked the Passport America directory and found a member park about 35 miles south. So we hooked up the Jeep, left the Three Rivers Casino parking lot, and drove to Osprey Point RV Resort in Lakeside, Oregon.

We found ourselves behind an escort vehicle. With the jeep behind the RV we are about 50+ feet long so we felt special.

Long Load

Long Load

The RV park has several vacancies so we had our pick of spots. It’s great to be in a full  service park. There’s laundry here and I can have my mail sent here too.

Osprey Point RV Resort, #D2

Osprey Point RV Resort, #D2

After we got settled in we went for a drive around town. Lakeside’s population is about 2,287 so it didn’t take long. I got a kick out of the welcome banner as we entered town, made of shirts and pants. Clever.

Welcome to Lakeview

Welcome to Lakeside

The streets were lined with scarecrows, and people’s homes had scarecrows. They were everywhere! They were sitting on benches and hugging street signs. We enjoyed them very much.


Lakeside Streets of Scarecrows

Lakeview City Council

Lakeside City Council

Scarecrow on Bench

Scarecrow on Bench

Scarecrow Grocery Shopping

Scarecrow Grocery Shopping

Scarecrows Line the Streets

Scarecrows Line the Streets

  • Gasoline:  $40 @ $3.19
  • Lodging:   $23.62  ($19 Passport America + taxes and electric fee)
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