A Day in Coos Bay

Farmers Market this morning in Coos Bay. This is the last one for the year here. It had rained overnight but had stopped by the time we were ready to go out.

Farmers Market, Coos Bay

Farmers Market, Coos Bay

We were pleased to see they still had tomatoes, so we bought three of them. We also picked up some lettuce, mushrooms, granola, pecans, dried cranberries, granola, fresh made humus, and some coconut macaroons.

Farmers Market, Coos Bay

Farmers Market, Coos Bay

The Oregon Myrtle tree, genus Umbellularia Californica, is only found in Southern Oregon and in the Holy Land of Israel. There are several references to Myrtlewood in the Bible. It’s an evergreen and the wood is an exotic non-porous hardwood with some interesting grain patterns. We visited the Myrtlewood factory and gift shop in Coos Bay.


The House of Myrtlewood

Myrtlewood Bowl

My Myrtlewood Bowl

We heard good things about Fishermen’s Seafood Market and how great their clam chowder is. This tiny little fish market floats on the water by the docks just off the boardwalk in Coos Bay. Inside you can purchase fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, and clams at the fish counter, or you can purchase hot clam chowder made with fresh West Coast Clams that they gathered themselves, fish & chips, or a fish sandwich. There are four small tables, seating capacity is 8 people. Or you can get your food to go and take it up to the boardwalk to eat it. The workers inside were super friendly. Yummm, the clam chowder was delicious.

Fisherman's Market

Fisherman’s Market

Still not raining.  We walked along the boardwalk again, and then to downtown Coos Bay. The Pacific Coast Hwy 101 runs the main street. Antique shops and restaurants line the street.

Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay, Oregon

Just as we saw in Alaska, seafood restaurants are all over the place. And we are having a hard time staying out of them. Even though we just had that good clam chowder we sat down to a meal at Shark Bites Restaurant. Great clam cakes and fish tacos.

Shark Bites

Shark Bites

We also went to the beach to see the ocean today. Don’t know what happened to the pictures I took.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   $35.63
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