More Redwoods

I try to get the good pictures but it doesn’t always work out. On our venture out today the first thing we saw was this big elk alongside the road. The first picture, from a postcard, is what I wanted, the second picture is what I got.

We saw more of the Giant Redwood trees today, hiked a few trails, and went for a scenic drive.

Giant Redwood

Giant Redwood


Big Tree

Picture of a Picture of the Sign That Used to Be There

Here is a Picture of a Picture of the Sign That Used to Be There


Trail Bridge

Mossy Trees

Mossy Trees

There are three different big redwoods trees in the redwood forest that have been cut so you can drive through them. About a mile from our RV park a privately owned tourist attraction allows you to drive through their tree for $5.


Tour=Thru Tree

A scenic drive took us to an overlook for one more look at the ocean.

Pacific Ocean, California

Pacific Ocean, California

The RV park we are at has a community fire ring and they had the fire going tonight so we went to sit by it and made some new friends.

Campfire with New Friends

Campfire with New Friends

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $17.50
  • Admission:  $5
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2 Responses to More Redwoods

  1. Danielle says:

    Lol at the first picture! How cold is it over there?


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