Bluewater Casino at Parker, AZ

We have moved south only 24 miles to the parking lot at Bluewater Casino at Parker, Arizona. When we went to see if we needed to register or pay anything they said no, that they “got rid of all that.”  The parking lot is quite sloped but there is a gravel area just beyond the blacktop that is the most level so we joined the other rigs that were already there.

Blackwater Casino

Bluewater Casino

We did go inside the casino and signed up for their Players Club card, something we frequently do as often times we get free stuff when we do that. They gave us each $10 in free slot play plus a voucher for free breakfast buffet in the morning. Of course we had to use the free slot play and we made enough money to pay for lunch in their restaurant!

Behind the casino hotel there is a marina on the Colorado River, but it’s quite empty this time of year. Next to that is a long picnic area with lots of sheltered picnic tables. Nobody around.

Bluewater Casino

Bluewater Casino

More motor homes arrived later in the afternoon. It was a comfortable sunny 70F degrees, no wind. Most of the rest of the day was spent visiting with our new neighbors from Missouri, Washington State, and Canada until the sun went down and it got cold.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:    free
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5 Responses to Bluewater Casino at Parker, AZ

  1. Eileen Cordova says:

    Hello Marsha,

    Thank you so much for your reply to my questions! This is very helpful!

    I do have one more – did any of the folks staying the night in the free section of the casino parking lot extend their slides? We can’t access our bed unless we do that (we have only one & we’re a in a 29′ rig with no toad). But we certainly don’t want to break with RV etiquette (especially in a free area) and take up space or look like we’ve set up housekeeping!

    We’ll be there only one night, and we do think this would be a viable option for me to be able to use my walker to get to into the casino for meals and entertainment.

    I’m really enjoying all the great stories and pictures from your adventures! I see you’ve been down our way a few times! We’re in Sierra Vista. We love it here! 🙂

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    • marsbern says:

      Yes, everyone did extend their slides there, and ran their generators. I believe it is more acceptable to do so in casino parking lots. Not so much in a Walmart parking lot, although people do it there too. Make yourself comfortable and don’t worry about it. I LOVE Arizona and we will probably be there again next winter. My husband prefers Florida so we alternate winters. Good luck at the casino! Marsha


  2. Eileen Cordova says:

    Hi! Found your blog doing a search for Blue Water RV Park in Parker AZ. I’m interested to know the deal with the free parking in the casino parking lot! Did you actually stay the night in your RV in the parking lot?

    We’ve reserved an RV spot in their campground ($35), but were told it’s an uphill hike to the casino from the RV park. How did you go about just parking overnight in the parking lot? You said they don’t require any check in or payment. You just parked there and there was no problem? We don’t have an issue with paying…just would like to be a tad closer to the casino building.

    We are new to RV life, and are taking a trip from our home in southeastern AZ to visit our son in the SF Bay Area, so will have only one overnight in Parker. I am mobility-impaired, so can’t do much walking and am concerned about having to “climb” hills to get back and forth from the RV park to the casino.

    Love your blog and the idea that you are free to go wherever….great!


    • marsbern says:

      The Free RV parking spots are marked around the perimeter of the parking lot. We asked the security guard and he said it was ok. We did sleep in the RV overnight. Of course there are no hookups so you have to dry camp. If you want electricity and water then stay at the RV park, but it is true the walk would be far and uphill. I did not want to walk it. If you plan to visit the casino You will be a lot happier if you are up to roughing it for one night. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Safe travels. Marsha


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