A Mountain

As you enter Tucson one of the first things you notice is the big “A” on the side of a mountain.  Today we went to investigate it.

A Mountain, Tucson, AZ

A Mountain, Tucson, AZ

Sentinel Peak Park is where the mountain is.  The road takes you up most of the way to the “A” and a trail leads to the very top.


Sentinel Peak Park

There is a small parking area just below the big “A”, with a marker explaining some about the history of the hill and the letter. The letter was put there in 1915 by University of Arizona students after a football victory over Pomona College.

A Mountain

A Mountain

This was once a lookout for Spanish and Native Americans who would watch for raiders approaching the presidio and the mission.


Sentinel Peak. Used as a lookout and for signal fires by the Indians prior to and since 1692 and later by early settlers. Erected by Tucson Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Feb 22, 1933

A little further up the road is a bigger parking lot. This is where the trail begins that goes to the very top. The trail is moderately steep and a bit rocky, but not very lengthy.


The top provides you with panoramic views in all directions. Some people climbed down to explore the big A. Downtown Tucson can be seen in the distance.

A Mountain. View of Tucson.

A Mountain. View of Tucson.

The interpretive sign could use a little help.


The only thing disappointing is seeing all the paint up here. Many of the rocks at the top as well as many of the rocks around the parking lot have been painted to cover up the markings.


At the other end of the parking lot is a brief walk to a picnic area with an awesome view.


From inside the picnic shelter you can see the back of A mountain and then the city of Tucson.


The temperature was pushing nearly 80 degrees so we didn’t feel like doing much more hiking today so we went home.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
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