Sabino Canyon

There seems to be no end to the things to do in Tucson. This time we chose to see Sabino Canyon. This is a desert canyon with some beautiful views and loads of hiking trails.


Bernie’s America the Beautiful pass let us in without having to pay the parking fee.  The first thing we see there is the lovely visitor center and the gift shop.


Maybe we should have waited another day, our legs are still wobbly from our trek up Tumamoc Hill on Monday.  There is a 4-mile narrated tram ride that goes up the canyon every 30 minutes. You can walk up the road for free if you want, but we bought the tickets for the tram and hopped aboard.


Our driver told us some about the history of the park and pointed out some interesting things to see.  The Civilian Conservation Corps built the roads and the bridges and the rest areas here in the 1930’s. The tram ride crosses nine of the stone bridges built by the CCC.


One of the first things our driver pointed out was the old man in the mountain…a rock outcrop that looks like a face. I see it, do you?


This is one of the rare places where you can actually see water flowing! About 15 miles from here is Mount Lemon, a mountain high enough to get snow and provide the area with a recreational ski area. That is the source of the water.


There are 9 tram stops along the way, some with bathrooms, picnic areas, and short trails. You can get off the tram and get on the next one if you want, you just have to show your ticket to the driver.


The next picture is kind of dark, but it’s the tram driving down the road on the side of the hill.


One of the stops had some pretty granite rocks and water falling.

IMG_1345 IMG_1353

Here is Arizona’s beach front property:


When we returned to the visitor center we decided we could walk one of the shorter trails. This saguaro cactus has an odd growth pattern. These are called crested or cristate saguaros and are rare. The cause is unknown.


Something Odd Here

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
  • Park Fees:  $16
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    Great pictures once again!

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