Goodbye Tucson, Hello Benson

We don’t usually stay anywhere more than a week but we just spent the last 19 days in Tucson.  A record for us! We really enjoyed our time there and the next time we are in this part of the country we will for sure stay here again. There were loads of things to see and do; and we made new friends, Don and Gillian, with whom we spent some nights playing Rummikub.

But it’s time for us to move on. But we didn’t go far, only about 50 miles east to Benson, Arizona.


Approaching Benson

This year we have joined the Escapees RV Club and there is a membership park here called SKP Saguaro Co-Op, which is where we are tonight. Since this is the first time for us here we were given a special introductory rate of $55 for one week. Cool!


SKP Saguaro Co-Op

After we got situated a greeter came to visit us and welcome us. She gave us information about the park and what to see and do in Benson.


SKP Saguaro Co-Op, #719

Tonight was movie night in the park, with hot dogs and popcorn. So we went and met lots of people. The movie playing was And So It Goes. 

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $55 for the week
  • Vehicle Registrations:  Jeep $61, RV $319
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