Wilcox, Pie, and Sandhill Cranes

We left Tucson behind us today, beginning our trek east. After stopping in Benson one last time to visit with Bernie’s cousin, Cheri and Phil, we continued down Interstate 10. We are not looking forward to the next few days of driving this route. Getting through the desert from this point on to Louisiana is long and dull.

About 15 miles east of Benson I-10 runs through Texas Canyon. There are a few miles of some big granite rock formations here. Once past this area the desert flattens out. It is dry, not green and blooming like it was around the Tucson area. A sign mentions the danger of brush fire is extreme.


Texas Canyon

Tonight we are staying at Fort Wilcox RV Park in Wilcox, Arizona. This is a Passport America member park and we’ve been here before in previous years. It is a small park, only 26 total RV sites; free coffee and waffles at the office in the morning.


Fort Wilcox RV Park, Wilcox, AZ

Also, in the office, right beside the registration desk, is a display case with homemade apple pies and homemade rhubarb pies! How could I resist??? Rhubarb it is.


Mmmm, yummm, Homemade Rhubarb Pie!

Sandhill Cranes can be seen wintering over very near here. We could hear them from the RV park. We got directions from the owner and went to have a look. The sun was dropping and we were losing light quickly but I did get a picture of a few of the thousands of Sandhill Cranes flying by. They made quite a racket.


Sandhill Cranes at Wilcox, Arizona

A few minutes later the sun went behind the horizon and created a brilliant sunset.


Wilcox, Arizona

  • Gasoline:  $95 @ $2.34
  • Lodging:   $20 (Passport America Rate)
  • Rhubarb Pie:  $8
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