Natural Bridge

We are on our way to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, but before we get there we stop to see one of the oldest tourist destinations in this country, Virginia’s Natural Bridge, a National Historic Landmark.


Entrance to the Natural Bridge Site

There are a LOT of steps leading down to the bridge area. A shuttle is available at the bottom for the return trip.


Steps Down to Visit Natural Bridge

Midway down the steps is a scenic point.


At Virginia’s Natural Bridge

Very soon after reaching the trail below we can see the arch. It is 200 feet high, and the highway we drove on to get here runs across the top of it. See how small the people on the trail look. At night they shine colored lights on the bridge, play symphonic music, and a voice from above recites Biblical verses about the creation of the world. There are rows of benches for everyone to sit on to watch this.


Virginia’s Natural Bridge

There is a legend that young George Washington surveyed the Natural Bridge in 1750 and that he carved his initials on the wall of the bridge. The initials GW are inside the white framed box on the wall.


George Washington’s Initials in the Box

Beyond the bridge is a nature trail that goes along a stream. We walked it to the end.


Nature Trail

Midway on the trail is a 1699 Monacan Living History Exhibit.


Monacan Living History Exhibit, circa 1699




Indian Hut

Lost River. Several attempts have been made to determine the source of the water flowing from this hillside hole, but so far no luck.


Lost River

At the end of the nature trail is Lace Waterfall. We enjoyed the view and walked back to Natural Bridge.


Falls at the End of Nature Trail at Virginia’s Natural Bridge

We are in Richmond, Virginia, tonight.

  • Gasoline: $49 @ $2.05
  • Admission to Natural Bridge:  $40
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  1. Great post about Natural Bridge. We walked down those steps to see the bridge about a year ago.

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