A Walk in the Park

The weather today is much nicer than it was yesterday. It’s sunny, blue skies, and about 60 degrees, slight breeze. We walked the canal walk and along the river until we came to this pedestrian bridge that is suspended from the Robert E Lee bridge on Highway 301. It goes across the river over to the popular Belle Island with its wooded hiking trails and rocks to climb around on.

Belle Isle Suspension Bridge, Richmond, VA

Belle Isle Suspension Bridge, Richmond, VA

Belle Isle Suspension Bridge in Richmond VA

Belle Isle Suspension Bridge in Richmond VA


Belle Isle Suspension Bridge

Here’s a view of the James River from the bridge.


James River

We returned to the Tredegar museum and went inside. It’s a free museum with lots of photos of Richmond before and after the Civil War. The old building used to be a flour mill, then a woolen mill, before it transitioned to iron works for the Army and the railroad.


We drove around town a bit more and found ourselves at Byrd Park. What a lovely day to be out in the park, and it’s a beautiful park.


Byrd Park

We saw one family out flying a kite. A perfect day for kites!


After a mid-afternoon snack at a local restaurant we went home and just relaxed the rest of the day.

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