Move to Williamsburg

We left the Americamps RV park in Richmond this morning and drove about 50 miles east to Williamsburg Campark. At Richmond the RV park was filled nearly to capacity because of the Easter weekend and Spring Break all this week. We expected the same at Williamsburg too. But to our surprise we are the only ones here! Our plans are to visit Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Youngstown tomorrow and Wednesday.


Williamsburg Campark

We’re still seeing some beautiful blossoms. Not sure if these are cherry or apple.


Flowering Trees

My niece lives an hour further east of here, in Norfolk, so we went to say hi. We enjoyed a nice dinner with them and then a brief walk on the beach. We saw the Pacific Ocean back in October and now here is the Atlantic Ocean. Cool.


Lyndsey and Brett with Bernie and Me at Virginia Beach

In spite of the nice sunny day it was cold and windy on the beach; not many people about. We only stayed long enough to get the picture and got outta there!

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Vacation Housing

  • Gasoline:  $95 @ $2.15
  • Lodging:   $74.89 (Passport America 50% rate for 3 nights)
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  1. Shirley says:

    All looking good – glad you got together!

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