DC Cherry Blossoms

All day today was a cool dreary day. We never did see the sun.

This morning we grabbed our jackets and drove to the nearby train station and took the Green Line to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms. I wanted to see Union Station again so that was our first stop.

Union Station, Washington DC

Washington DC’s Union Station

Most of the cherry trees are around the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Monument. My iPhone camera just can’t capture how wonderful the blossoms looked in spite of the gloomy sunless weather. Today was the day the blossoms reached their peak bloom. Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day, hopefully we can get back there for some better pics.


Washington Monument


Jefferson Monument


Washington DC Cherry Blossoms


Washington Monument

The nation’s capitol building is currently undergoing some renovations and the dome is covered with scaffolding.


United States Capitol Building

This is our fourth time visiting DC. The other times we have been here have been great experiences, we have visited all of the museums and monuments without any problems. That’s good because today was insanely crowded. I’ve never seen so many buses in one place as I saw today. Part of the problem is that besides the Cherry Blossom Festival drawing people in, it is also spring break. There were long lines at all of the museums. I don’t like long lines and crowds.


Long line of people waiting to enter the National Air and Space Museum

Buses and Crowds

Buses and Crowds

As we were walking by the United States Botanical Garden there was no line, so we went in there. They usually have a good display. This time they had a special display all about roots.




United State Botanical Garden

  • Train Fare and Parking:  $25
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