Great Falls Park

Great Falls, part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park on the Potomac River is about 20 minutes west of where we are camped at Greenbelt Park, MD. Maryland is on the eastern side of the river and Virginia on the west. We went to the Virginia side to get some good pictures.


Great Falls on the Potomac River in Virginia

George Washington presided over construction of a series of canals to make the river navigable in 1785 to stimulate trade between the East and the Ohio Valley. Remains of the canal can be seen throughout the park.


Patowmack Canal

While the canal was in use a small community named Matildaville flourished. Remnants of that can be seen along a trail.


Matildaville Remnants

Carriage Trail at Great Valls, Virginia

Carriage Trail at Great Falls, Virginia

The park has several hiking trails, we walked along the falls and the canal and through the remnants of Matildaville before going home. It was getting hot, about 80 degrees and sunny. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, then it will cool off.

  • Admission:  free with National Senior Pass
  • Lodging:  $8 at Greenbelt Park (50% off with National Senior Pass)
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