Amish Country

Several people have said that we should go see Lancaster, so that was our plan for today. We don’t know much about it but we usually head for the visitor center first wherever we go. But when we got there we find a big “closed” sign on that door.

There was another couple there, tourists from Iowa, here to explore the city too. They were here to find Central Market, which we found very near the visitor center. A bronze plaque says this is the oldest publicly owned, continually operated market in the United States, a Lancaster tradition since 1730.  In 1972 the U.S. Dept. of the Interior declared the Central Market a National Shrine.

Unfortunately, this was closed today, too, so we could not see it. We walked around a few blocks, took a few pictures, and decided we would move on to the next town. Hopefully we will plan our visit better next time.


Central Market

At the center of a crossroads in the middle of Historic Downtown Lancaster is a tall monument, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Erected in 1874 to honor the people of Lancaster County who died to save the Union during the Civil War. Bronze plaques have since been added to the base of the monument to honor those from all the other wars including WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Korean War, etc.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Lancaster, PA

A few miles down the road is a nice little Amish community of Bird in Hand. We stopped for a light lunch at a restaurant there. Next to the restaurant we see an Amish buggy with a sign “buggy rides”. Looked like a plan to me!


Amish Carriage Ride

It was not a long ride, just around a country  block, but it was pretty neat. The horse’s name is Millie.


Amish Buggy Ride

The Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market is across the street, so how can we pass that up?


Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market

Inside was full of stands with produce, fresh meat products, wonderful bakery items, canned good, jams, jellies, sauces and dips.


Bird in Hand Farmer’s Market

The rain and some wind came along again so we headed for home. Have to drive carefully around here, watch out for the buggys. They have lights!


Watch for the Buggy

  • Carriage Ride $24
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