Dinner and a Movie

This early in the spring most of the RV parks, State Parks, and campgrounds In Connecticut are not yet open for the season. We did find a place to park our RV in the back lot of a Mobile Home park, but that’s ok, it’s just for two nights while we visit our daughter, Teresa, in New Haven.


Totoket Valley RV Park

She works at Yale University. It was such a beautiful spring day so we went for a walk around the campus. It’s finals week here, and the students are studying for their tests. Many are out enjoying the sun, and we saw several others carrying furniture and boxes as they move out of the housing areas.


Yale University

The architecture here is incredible.  The library is especially impressive and we went in for a look.

Yale Library

Yale Library



Teresa in Yale Library

Here’s where she works. Not in the church, but in that plain boxy building behind it.


Buildings at Yale University

New Haven is known for pizza! And there’s a pizza place on almost every corner in town. New Haven style pizza has a thin crust, traditionally baked in a coal-fired oven which gives it that crispy charred crust. How could we possibly be in New Haven without going out for pizza? Artisan pizzas are gaining in popularity. These are far from the usual pepperoni and mozzarella pizza’s we’re used to. The pizza we ordered had prosciutto, fig (yes I said fig) preserves, Gorgonzola cheese, and truffle honey.  I think next time we will go with the BBQ pork, mashed potato, roasted corn off the cob, cheddar cheese. Or maybe the rosemary chicken….


Artisan Pizza at Da Legna’s

Outside the cherry trees and the apple trees are blooming as well as the rhododendrons. We couldn’t walk past this one without stopping for a pic.

IMG_5904 - Copy

Bernie and Teresa

And then a movie in downtown New Haven before calling it a night.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   $84 (two nights)
  • Toll charge:  $9 (Hamilton Fish Bridge)
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