Moving Eastward

It’s been so cloudy and rainy. We really want to come back to Niagara Falls when it’s bright and sunny. That, and that our two house batteries gave up over night, led us to decide to leave this morning. The batteries run the TV, the interior lights, and the water pump when we’re not plugged in to shore power so off we go in search of new ones. The third battery is for the engine, but that seems to be working fine. We found the nearest Walmart Supercenter east of us that had an automotive service center and $190 later we’re back in business.

New House Batteries!

New House Batteries!

Then we just kept on going east until we got tired of driving. We have been freeloading it across the country all week and decided we would splurge and go for a real campground tonight with electricity and water hookups. Riverforest Park Campground  & Marina at Weedsport, New York, was the nearest park that had an available spot for us for tonight, but only for one night. They are booked up for the weekend so we will be on our way again in the morning.

Riverforest Park Campground & Marina, Weedsport, New York. #H

Riverforest Park Campground & Marina, Weedsport, New York. #H

  • Lodging:  $38
  • Batteries:  $190
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