The Maine Connection

Moving on up the coast of Maine now we make a trip to Portland to meet a cruise ship to try to connect with family from Minnesota. They are on a cruise from Boston, MA, to Nova Scotia and back. We did find them and were able to spend a little time with them after their shore excursions and before they had to board the ship again.


Brilliance of the Seas

While we were waiting for them we wandered around Portland on our own and had a nice seafood lunch. We have been here a few times before so we didn’t get into the tours again. There are actually two cruise ships docked here today. The streets are lined with vendors selling their wares.  The boat tours, bus tours, trolley tours, duckboat tours, horse-drawn wagon tours, pedicabs and taxis are very busy.


Portland, Maine

The next day we drive to Old Orchard Beach to enjoy a long walk on the beach. The Pier is a cool place, but it’s Sunday and things are pretty quiet. But what a beautiful day!


Old Orchard Beach Pier

This fat-tire e-bicycle was catching the attention of several people and we stopped to take a picture too. Don’t remember ever seeing one like that before.



On our way home after another nice seafood dinner we happen across a big car show. Naturally, we stopped. There was also a big stage set up with live bands playing. The event was named “Cars and Guitars”.  Our RV park is only about a half a mile from the car show. From there we could hear the bands playing for the rest of the afternoon.

I swear there is lobster on every corner.

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