Boston Family and the Moon

Today was a special day. Some of our family members had just finished a cruise and were in Boston before they flew back to Minnesota. Since they were so close we managed to get ourselves and our kids from New Hampshire and Connecticut to meet up.



Since we were all arriving by different means of transportation we chose Boston South Station as the meeting place. And it’s such a beautiful building, I love it.


Boston South Station

We had a few hours together and after a good meal in a nearby restaurant we went to see the New England Aquarium.


New England Aquarium



Then we returned to South Station and said goodbye. We’ll see the kids soon again, but the others probably not until next summer. What a treat it was to see them today.

And to finish off the day Bernie and I stayed up to watch the Lunar Eclipse. Pretty cool! My iPhone camera just couldn’t do it, but I have a little digital camera that did a fairly good job of capturing it. No tripod!


Lunar Eclipse 2015

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