A Vermont Surprise

It’s fall now. The weather is changing and the trees are turning.


Farmers Market in Keene, NH

We know that friends of ours from Minnesota are on a bus tour of Vermont. I found their itinerary on the internet and learned that the bus was going to be at the Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vermont, today, which is just over a 90 minute drive from where we are here in Swanzey, New Hampshire. We hopped in the car and went to surprise them.


Scenic Drive

The fall coloring is late this year because it’s been so hot and dry. But we did see the beginnings of some spectacular views. Vermont is gorgeous! Trees and hills everywhere. We really enjoyed the road trip.

This is not the same Vermont Country Store we were at a few weeks ago. This is an older one, the original one. And it’s just up a few towns from it.


Vermont Country Store, Weston, VT

And a block up from the store is an old mill, another popular spot for photos.


The Mill by the Vermont Country Store

We found our friends and surprised them. It was good to see them and we had a nice visit. And a slefie!


Going home we took an alternate route. This way was just as pretty. Sure would be nice to have a little more sunshine to make those colors pop!



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