Goodbye New England

We have had such a great time in New Hampshire these last several weeks while we visit our son and his wife and their new baby in Keene 🙂  And now Autumn has arrived and the colors are taking over the countryside making for some great views.


Ashuelot Park, Keene, NH


Ashuelot Park, Keene, NH

While in New Hampshire we stayed at Ashuelot River Campground in West Swanzey, about 5 miles south of Keene. What a pleasant surprise to find this. Most of the RV parks we have been finding around here are full of seasonal campers, but not this one. It’s a beautiful campground. And now that the trees are changing it’s even better.


Ashuelot River Campground, Swanzey, NH

During our stay in NH we took a few days to drive down to visit our daughter in New Haven, Connecticut. The only place we could find to park the RV was at Riverdale Farm Campsite, about 25 miles east of New Haven. It is mostly seasonal campers, but they did have one row of sites for transients like us.


Riverdale Farm Campsite, CT

While our daughter was working we explored Yale University Campus.


Yale University

And made a little visit out to Lighthouse Point.


Lighthouse Point, New Haven, CT

It’s getting cold now, and time for us to hit the road. It was had to say goodbye to the kids, but we gotta get to where it is warmer. It froze last night, and it’s going to get down to 20 degrees tonight in Swanzey.  We had the car all hooked up and everything packed last night so as soon as the sun came up this morning (Sunday) we hit the road.


Leaving New England

The first few miles through the countryside were very colorful, but we can’t drive that all day. You never know up here when you will find a covered bridge or a low clearance so we need to do most of our driving on the Interstate highways.

We wanted to get as far south as we could today in hopes that it would be warm enough that our plumbing would not all freeze up in the motorhome. After driving 340 miles we made it to Wilmington, Delaware. We saw a brief moment of SNOW FLURRIES! Here it is 10 degrees warmer than in New Hampshire. This was our view for most of the day:


The New Jersey Turnpike

We are near a very large shopping mall. The Lego Americana Roadshow had set up a display there…10 iconic buildings and architectural structures made entirely of Lego bricks!


The US Capitol Building Made of Lego Bricks

We will be spending the night parked in designated RV parking at Cabela’s..Thank you Cabela’s!  We will be on our way again first thing in the morning.

  • Lodging:  Free
  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $2.52
  • Gasoline:  $ 80  @ $2.00
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  1. Such beautiful fall colors! I know it was hard to leave your new grandbaby. Safe travels!

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