Colonial Williamsburg

“That the future may learn from the past”

Colonial Williamsburg is the restored 18th-century capital of Virginia during the Revolutionary War period.  It is an historical landmark as well as a living history museum. Many of the original buildings have been restored or reconstructed on their original sites. Costumed actors work and dress as the people did in the 18th century and stay in character.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

When we were here in April we bought tickets that are good until the end of the year, so why not stop in again?

The first reenactment we saw was the Dissolving of the House of Burgesses. British Governor Lord Dunmore dissolved this legislative body of colonial government.


Dissolving of the House of Burgesses, June 1774

Can’t walk past a bakery without stopping in. This fella was baking ginger cakes (cookies) in a brick oven.


Brick Oven Baking

We enjoyed a performance of music by composers whose names were known to colonial founders but are mostly unknown today. Harpsichord and violin.


Harpsichord and Violin

And then Patrick Henry shared his thoughts, memories, and beliefs and answered questions from the audience. This was my favorite and most interesting event of the day.

Patrick Henry

And Audience With Patrick Henry


Behave Yourself or Else!




Wagon Ride by the Historic Raleigh Tavern

The Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the public on the steps of the Raleigh Tavern.


Declaration of Independence


Revolution in the Streets



In late September 1781 General Marquis de Lafayette addresses the citizens. The local militia marched in review, with cannon salutes, musket fire, and fife-and-drum fanfare.


On to Yorktown and Victory!!

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  1. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    I visited here as a kid and loved it. So great seeing such a scenic tour. I just recently found your blog and really enjoy reading about your trips!!

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