Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

We left Jacksonville a few days ago and drove west on I-10, spending the night at a small RV park in Tallahassee. Nothing to blog about there. Yesterday we arrived at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Gregory E Moore RV Resort at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This is one of our favorite campgrounds and is the third time we have been here. The temperature has really cooled off into the 60’s and the humidity has dropped into a more comfortable range. We actually needed the heater overnight.


Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Gregory E Moore RV Resort, #59

There was a Farmers Market at the Community of Seaside at Santa Rosa Beach, about 20 miles from here, that we wanted to attend so we grabbed our jackets and drove there. Seaside is a planned community and was the main shooting location for a 1998 movie called “The Truman Show” where Jim Carrey’s whole life as Truman would be secretly telecast.


Seaside Farmers Market

On the other side of the community square is a row of half a dozen permanently parked vintage airstream trailers made over into food stands. This would be a fun place to stop for lunch sometime.


Seaside Airstream Food Venders

Then back to the park. We took the park tram to the beach. On our way there we see a snake slither across the road ahead of us. This was our first big snake sighting this year. The tram driver stopped so he wouldn’t run over it as it slithered across, he said it looked like a pygmy rattlesnake and that it could “hurt you bad.”


Rattlesnake Sighting.

The tram dropped us off near the beach. The sand dunes are protected so you have to walk the boardwalk to get the rest of the way there.


Boardwalk to the Gulf of Mexico

The sand was so fine and soft. Almost like walking on snow. There were only a few people out and they had jackets on too.


Santa Rosa Beach on the Gulf of Mexico


Fishing on the Gulf of Mexico

This is the way to fish! This guy was sitting in his beach chair talking on his cell phone and watching six fishing poles. He said nothing was biting today.

  • Lodging: 3 nights $147.19  ($126 plus $14.49 in taxes and a $6.70 reservation fee)
  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $2.19
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2 Responses to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

  1. we need to make a stop in Tallahassee on our way to Kissimee. . .would love to know where you stayed. . .I can tell from looking at your rig, if you will fit, we will fit. . .thanks!


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